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UCLA & Santa Monica Hospital, Chief of Staff, Dr. David Baron talks about Electronic Cigarettes and their safety.

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I have finally launched my permanent e-juice shop! Take a look! Celtic's E-juice Shop

We have a new supplier in the neighborhood for FLAVOUR ART flavorings!!! FREEDOM SMOKE USA is located in Tucson, Arizona. Use coupon code "celtic" for 10% off.

Vapor|Talk Forum is a great resource for information on Electronic Cigarettes! I recommend visiting them and asking questions before purchasing an e-cigarette. Questions are usually answered within the hour or within 5 minutes! They sell the popular genuine Joye Tech eGos that many 3 volt users prefer due to the battery life and longevity you get with hard to find genuine Joye Tech products.

For those advanced users or even new users, THE JOKER 5 to 6 volt, fixed voltage (FV) and adjusted voltage (AV), is now being sold at www.VaprLife.com, get them before they are gone. I like the 801 atomizer the best. This is the e-cig I use daily!

I am still working on updating the E-CIG MODEL page among others on the site, so please read the above info as it is my current recommendations.

I will be adding the flavors I sell on the E-juice page, as I have had many compliments from advanced e-cig users regarding vapor production and how flavorful they are. You will be able to purchase the e-juice through PayPal.


I was a heavy 2 pack a day smoker for 22 years until the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. I created this page originally for my family members and friends because most of them live to far to just pop in. I will be providing basic information to newbie's that want to start vaping the electronic cigarette and throw away the tobacco cigarettes. I have added a free guest book if you want to add more information or if you would just like share any experiences that you have had with the electronic cigarette. Thank you and I hope this information has been helpful.

If you have not been able to quit smoking and want a much safer alternative from the tobacco cigarettes that contain 4000 (includes 43 cancer causing agents) toxic ingredients, then VAPING an electronic cigarette is the way to do it! The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) does not contain any Cancer causing agents and is, in my opinion the only alternative. The nicotine gum and patches did not help a smoker like me. I need the hand to mouth action that the electronic cigarette (e-cig/e-cigarette) provides. When I started the e-cigarette, I starting with 24mg of nicotine in the e-juice that is used to create the vaper (looks like smoke) and adds the Nicotine into your system. Although, I plan to taper the milligrams of nicotine down to hopefully 0mg, but not everyone has that same goal. Some people enjoy smoking, but do not want to harm there body, so they just switch from the 4000 ingredient tobacco cigarettes to the e-cigs and do not have to worry about killing there body, damaging their family members with second hand smoke, damaging their skin, and damaging so many other things that tobacco cigarette do. Damage, damage, damage ... that is all tobacco cigarettes do when all we want is the nicotine we have become addicted to. Nicotine DOES NOT cause diseases or illnesses. Please take the time to watch the videos I have at the top of this web page so that you can get the facts from the UCLA & Santa Monica Hospital, Chief of Staff, Dr. David Baron.

If you do not know me, my name is Toni (Antoinette) or Celtic to my entire internet gaming buddies, and I currently live in Yucca Valley, CA. My mission is to help smokers start their journey to live a longer life for themselves and their families.

If you would like to contact me please feel free, my email address is: Celtic@CelticsWeb.com



  • Celtic's E-juice Shop - By using both PG and VG our product is rare and offers an exceptional vaping experience with an amazing amount of flavor. Popular e-juice: Heavy Tobacco, Hypnotic, Grape, Juicy Fruit, Kahlua & Cream and many more!

  • VaprLife - They are the Bomb!! THE VP-PT (USB PASS THRU) 5 volt is the best if you are home a lot and/or if you use the computer for long periods of time. I couldn't go without it!

  • Vapor Talk Store - coupon code "VAPORTALK" - I have purchased the genuine Joye eGo and the quality was awesome!
  • Freedom Smoke USA - 10% coupon code "celtic" - they also supply Flavour Art in the US!
  • ValueVapor - I have purchase my SAILEBAO DSE-801 and 901 attys from them and the longevity is the best I have seen
  • Awesome Vapor - coupon code "ecf10p" - Customer service is excellent and products are genuine.
  • Vapor Kings - coupon code $50 or more "VTALK15"
  • Electro-Nic-Stix - coupon code "vapersforum" or $50 or more "happynewyear"
  • Liberty Flights - 10% coupon code "celticschoice" - I ordered three 510 kits and the quality is great.
  • UK Liberty Flights - 10% coupon code "celticschoice" - If the USA site does not have any stock, which is common, the UK site is always fully stocked most of the time.
  • DealExtreme.com - coupon code "BULKRATE" when you buy 3 or more items - I buy my battery cases and my JOKER batteries from Deal Extreme. They are located in China so purchase 2 weeks before needing the items. PayPal accepted.

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